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Your Weekly Beer Bulletin: August 11th, 2023

Heya Everybody! Got some tasty brews for you this week, but first, a note: I'll be on vacation from the 16th to the 21st, so the newsletter will be on hiatus next week. That said, there will still be a tasting on the 17th! Apologies if things get a little wonky in my absence. Now, onto the beer!

Ocelot Root Down

IPA | 7.0% ABV

How we gonna kick it? We’re gonna kick it Root Down.

Earlier this year, Seb asked Adrien for a favor. The self-described “crispy boy who loves hops” wanted an old school Ocelot IPA. A San Diego IPA. A West Coast IPA. Whatever you want to call it. The kind of IPA that inspired them to open a brewery.

7.0%. Briess pilsen malt with a splash of Vienna and Carapils — a blank canvas for the hops. Citra and Simcoe. Citrus, papaya, berry, and pine. A bright pale hue. A little hop haze. Chico yeast.

That’s how Ocelot wants to kick it. Root Down.

Ocelot Unguided Particles

New England IPA | 6.5% ABV

Get out your measuring cups. Ocelot is exploring the mysterious production of thiols. Precursors. Plasticities. Unguided Particles.

Unguided Particles is the latest collaboration with Ocelot's friends at Jasper Yeast. This 6.5% IPA showcases their Particle Wave (JY303), an all-natural thiol-producing strain. Nothing artificial, nothing genetically modified, just the citrus and pineapple aromas and flavors naturally amplified by the yeast.

Ocelot has paired this strain with some of the most tropical hops on the planet. Freestyle Motueka was utilized as a mash hop, then paired with almighty Citra Cryo in the whirlpool. For the dry-hop, they combined Freestyle Nelson Sauvin, Azacca, and even more Motueka. All in all, it’s a big tropical fruit party, resting upon Particle Wave’s juicy ester profile.

The grist, meanwhile, is lush and welcoming — pilsen malt, Fawcett’s Halcyon pale malt, malted oats, and a couple bags of chit. After rigorous analysis, they are prepared to designate this IPA MX missile proof.

Ocelot Checkers & Chess

IPA | 6.8% ABV

Checkers & Chess was one of Ocelot's favorite hoppy releases last year, and when they secured a grip of profoundly expressive 2023 Freestyle NZ Cascade a few months ago, this 6.8% Southern Hemisphere IPA was swiftly added back to their brew schedule.

As usual, pilsen performs the role of base malt… just before oat malt, flaked wheat, and flaked rye steal the scene with their soft silkiness. Secret Citra, ever the unsung hero, dominates the whirlpool. Then, for the grand finale, NZ Cascade goes toe to toe with Galaxy in the dry-hop. An even 50-50 split. Has that big tropical Australian bully finally met its match? Are you having fun?

Explosions of guava. Citrus. Lychee. Peach. Passion fruit. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ocelot Conjuring Summer In

Hazy Pale Ale | 5.2% ABV

This bright, breezy brew celebrates the release of the The Clientele’s remarkable ninth album I Am Not There Anymore.

Conjuring Summer In showcases an array of new school German hops: Hallertau Blanc, Mandarina Bavaria, Hüll Melon, and Callista. These varietals grow in the same Bavarian soil that has produced classically “noble” hops since the Middle Ages, and yet they emerge from the land with a brash modernity. Rather than leaning gently spicy or woody, they erupt with notes of white grape, red berry, honeydew, and orange citrus, while retaining a subtle florality.

Conjuring Summer In begins where it’s only logical: luxe UK pale malt. The beer is brewed with a base of biscuity Halcyon malt from Thomas Fawcett & Sons, the revered seventh-generation maltster of West Yorkshire. Then, befitting the companion to an album about “beautiful complexities,” Ocelot amplified the lushness of its body with oats and chit, and introduced a coyly spicy flourish by way of flaked rye. Consider it a contemporary hazy American pale ale with European refinement.

Ocelot Fugitive Rooms

Pilsner | 4.6% ABV

Fugitive Rooms is a brand new 4.6% German-style pilsner. In a sense, it’s an exercise in simplicity. Ocelot brewed this lager almost entirely with one malt — Epiphany’s Modern Pilsner two-row barley. But from that one grain they’ve coaxed a depth of flavor through patience and technique, including their version of a single decoction.

Tettnanger and Hallertau Tradition lend a clean, balanced bitterness, while humming a harmony of herbal, floral, and brightly fruity notes.

Fugitive Rooms is firmly in line with the crisp pilsners that have quenched thirst across Bavaria for hundreds of years. Ocelot is proud to take inspiration from that tradition.

Outer Range G'on Git!

Double NEIPA | 8.0% ABV

Outer Range returns to the shelves with three fresh IPAs!

Hops: El Dorado • Nelson • Cascade • Azacca

Tasting Notes: Pear • Plum • Lychee

Outer Range Blocks Of Light

New England IPA | 7.2% ABV

Hops: Galaxy • Mosaic

Tasting Notes: Passion Fruit • Pineapple • Mango

Outer Range Steezy DDH

New England IPA | 6.2% ABV

Hops: Mosaic • Nelson Sauvin

Tasting Notes: Blueberry • Peach • White Grape

Other Half Spinach

IPA | 7.0% ABV

You gotta get your greens if you want to be strong, just don't squeeze the can too hard. Packed with Citra, Mosaic, El Dorado and Nelson Sauvin. Some more fun with local DC artist E$.

Väsen Feasta

Double NEIPA | 8.0% ABV | 27 IBU

Väsen made this juicy, dank NE-style DIPA with Nelson Sauvin, Citra, and Vic Secret hops to add intense aromas of white grape, passion fruit, and pineapple, while their favorite Norwegian kveik yeast contributes subtle citrus flavors.

Bell's Double Two Hearted IPA

Double IPA | 11.0% ABV | 80 IBU

Everything you love about Bell's classic Two Hearted Ale... now in a double IPA. With two and a half times the amount of Centennial hops, Double Two Hearted has intense pine and citrus notes, a resinous hop aroma and rich malt character.

Sycamore Mountain Candy

IPA | 7.5% ABV | 70 IBU

Sycamore's flagship returns! Hop-bursted and double dry hopped, juicy flavors of stone fruit and rainbow candy with notes of citrusy dankness.

Port City Pizza Night

Amber Lager | 4.8% ABV | 20 IBU

Pizza Night is back and is now part of Port City's year-round lineup! This is your perfect, go-to pizza night beer. This amber lager is a czech-style Polotmavé or half-dark lager, that is unfiltered and lagered for over three months, giving the beer time to naturally clear. Amber in color, Pizza Night has a medium body with a crisp and toasty malt backbone that is balanced by notes of citrus and spicy tones implemented by the use of Czech hops. Everyone's favorite night is Pizza Night, and it just got a whole lot better!

Lost Boy Explorer Series: Endless Summer

Hard Cider | 6.9% ABV

August's Explorer Series is here! Mango and guanabana (soursop) purees are added to Lost Boy's base cider during fermentation and fermented until dry. Tropical, tangy and fruity! A perfect way to close out the summer.


Growler Fills & Draft Updates!

Here's what's currently on tap:

Unseen Creatures The Child NEIPA 7.0%

Hardywood Bourbon Cru Quadrupel 12%

Two Roads Czech Pilsner 5.0%

Union Lil' Dipper NEIPA 4.7%


M2M Happy Hour Specials!

Thursdays through Saturdays from 5 PM to close

$9.00 The Child Drafts

$8.00 Bourbon Cru Drafts

$7.00 Czech Pilsner Drafts

$7.00 Lil' Dipper Drafts


Free Tastings at Market!

Our free tasting series continues next Thursday with:

Right Proper Brewing Company

Thursday, August 17th, 2023

6:00-8:00 PM

Upcoming Tastings

8/24/23 New Realm Brewing

8/31/23 Les Trois Mousquetaires Microbrasseurs

9/7/23 Alewerks Brewing Company

9/14/23 Sycamore Brewery


Thank You For Your Support! As Always, Enjoy Your Beer!

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