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Your Weekly Beer Bulletin: November 17th, 2023

Hey Friends! Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but I've got a bounty to share this week! Before we get to the brews, I'd like to get some feedback to help me plan some upcoming tastings.

Feelings on Dry...ish January?

  • Yes, I'd like to see NA brands highlighted during Dry Jan

  • No, book regular breweries like any other month

  • A mix of both!

Please let me know what you think! Also, please note:

Market 2 Market Will Be Closed For Thanksgiving!

Plan your beer runs accordingly! Now without further ado:

Frost Dented

Triple NEIPA | 9.5% ABV | 30 IBU


Dented is a triple IPA that is extra special to Frost. Dry hopped with Cashmere, Mosaic, and El Dorado.

Frost Lushsicle

Double NEIPA | 8.0% ABV

Lushsicle includes a small dose of lactose that provides this iteration of Lush with a soft, creamy mouthfeel accentuating its juicy character.

Frost Lush

Double NEIPA | 8.0% ABV

A double IPA with luxuriant aromatics and succulent flavors. The combination of hops from both hemispheres and Frost's ale yeast join forces to create rich, juicy character.

Frost Little Lush

IPA | 5.5% ABV

Just a lil' guy, looking to make it in a big double IPA world.

Frost Plush

Double NEIPA | 8.0% ABV | 30 IBU

Plush lays a soft mouthfeel and dank juiciness on your palate. Featuring a diverse grain bill and Simcoe-forward dry hopping with a glamorous supporting cast.

Frost Starchild

New Zealand IPA | 8.0% ABV

Starchild supernovas with tropical aroma and flavor from abundant use of New Zealand hops.

Ocelot Kingdom Half Mine

IPA | 6.6% ABV

This 6.6% IPA was the wedding beer of Ocelot's head brewer Jack Snyder and his wife Kerry when they tied the knot five l years ago. (The name is cribbed from a lyric to “Gila” by Baltimore’s Beach House, the first band Jack and Kerry saw live together.)

Kingdom Half Mine’s recipe descended from another of Ocelot's favorite IPAs: the soft and juicy Mi Corazon. But this batch was brewed with a lux mix of Maris Otter and pilsner malt, plus malted oats and flaked wheat — all uniting for a lush, silky body. And where Mi Corazon relies solely on Citra and Galaxy, Kingdom Half Mine introduces Simcoe to the mix.

The result is a IPA dripping with Galaxy’s tropical fruit character, complimented by Citra’s melon and citrus, and balanced by Simcoe’s pine, berry, and own tropical fruitiness.

Another benefit of Simcoe? It’s the name of Jack and Kerry’s cat, as you are surely well familiar.

And since silverware is the modern fifth anniversary symbol, you’ll notice they've given this year’s label a special metallic sheen.

Ocelot Kingdom Dreamless

Black IPA | 6.7% ABV

It’s the darkness of a starless night. It’s a restless sleep. It’s burnin’ forever. It’s Dreamless.

Dreamless was conceived as the evil twin of Ocelot's IPA Seamless. Both beers are 6.7%. Both are hopped exclusively with almighty Citra. Both feature malted rye’s mischievous complexity. But Dreamless turns the lights all the way down with the addition of midnight wheat. Yes, after a three-year absence, black IPA is back on the board.

Black IPAs have long been near and dear to Ocelot's heart. Some of the first beers they released were renditions of the modern classic style. There’s just something about bright hoppiness radiating from a jet black liquid.

Like its Ocelot predecessors, Dreamless is first and foremost an IPA. Almighty Citra – alive with vibrant notes of melon, grapefruit, and lychee – is foregrounded in presentation. A subtle roast character only emerges later, the perfect foil in a bewitching brew.

Dream, baby, dream.

Ocelot U Want It U Got It

Fruited Sour | 6.0% ABV

When Palehound’s El Kempner shared their preference for cocktails and bright sour ales, our response was immediate: You want it, you got it. This collaboration found inspiration in the paloma, a mixed drink of Mexican origins that gained popularity throughout the American southwest at the turn of the century before skyrocketing towards ubiquity in recent years. This paloma-esque ale was brewed with dry limes, then fermented with grapefruit, agave nectar, and, as a twist on the classic recipe, strawberry. And while hop expression is not central to U Want It U Got It, Ocelot nods to the drink’s history with kettle additions of Zappa, a neomexicanus varietal native to the dry mountains of New Mexico.

DSSOLVR x Widowmaker The Hustle Is Dead

West Coast IPA | 6.3% ABV

“The Hustle is Dead” was DSSOLVR's first-ever real-life grown-up WCIPA and has long since been one of their favorite West Coast IPAs, and it’s BaAaAaAaACK!!!! AND BETTER THAN EVER! Once again, they teamed up with the fabulous Widowmaker Brewing to make it pop super hard.

Mashed with Riverbend 2-Row and Munich (with the new addition of their first Crystal Malt!), and Proximity malt Wheat and Dextrin Malt. Hit HARD on the hot side with Columbus and Amarillo, fermented low and slow and spunded for dat natural carb. Dry hopped only once, but rather aggressively with Michigan Centennial, Oregon Centennial, Michigan Cascade, and a fat dab of Simcoe Cryo.

Notes of candied Cara Cara Orange peels, maybe some Grape Hi-Chews, sticky Mango chunks coated in resinous tree sap, the dankness in a parking lot before a Sleep concert, and that first righteous pint of Arrogant Bastard you had from way back when.

DSSOLVR Thank You For Existing

Kölsch | 4.8% ABV



Crisp Lemon and a hint of Sage right up front, followed by a nice and smooth Cracker-Malt character, wrapping up with notes of sun-dried Lemons, fresh Baguettes, and that ultra-clean Kolsch finish we all know and love. Eminently crushable, rooted in the Classic Kolsch, and firmly boasting a New-School edge.

Sycamore Christmas Cookie

Winter Ale | 7.5% ABV

Christmas Cookie Ale was brewed as an homage to childhood memories of warm, fresh-baked cookies on cold Winter evenings. Sycamore puts actual sugar cookies in the mash and brewed this one with extra love!

Sycamore Barrel Aged Christmas Cookie

Winter Ale | 8.1% ABV

Well jingle my bells and stuff my stocking...A special edition of Christmas Cookie Winter Ale! Hold onto your sugar plums-this barrel aged goodness is headed down the chimney!

New Anthem I Am The Highway

West Coast IPA | 8.5% ABV

Bitter and dank West Coast IPA. Old school hopped with Centennial, Cascade, Chinook select CTZ cryo. Perfectly bitter grapefruit and herb.

Other Half Mosaic + Galaxy

Double NEIPA | 8.5% ABV

Two of Other Half's most popular come together in this edition of their dual hop imperial IPA series. Hopped with equal parts Mosaic and Galaxy, both hand-selected by the brewing team, for a mix of berries, guava, passion fruit and orange.

Union Double Duckpin

Double IPA | 8.5% ABV | 90 IBU

Double Duckpin returns after a long hiatus!

When Union first brewed Duckpin, their little session-style pale ale, it really hit the spot for a go-to, anytime refresher. But they soon felt like they were just practicing. Knocking down all those little Duckpins just made them thirsty for something bigger! So they went back to the brewhouse and doubled down on malts and hops. The result is a double IPA that’s danker than a rental shoe and rolling with ten frames of juicy, resinous hops down a solid lane of malted barley and wheat. When it’s time to bring you’re A game, reach for a Double.

Sierra Nevada Celebration

IPA | 6.8% ABV | 65 IBU

The long, cold nights of winter are a little brighter with Celebration Ale. Wonderfully robust and rich, Celebration Ale is dry-hopped for a lively, intense aroma. Brewed especially for the holidays, it is perfect for a festive gathering or for a quiet evening at home.

Hoof Hearted Dukes Of Ripstick

Pale Ale | 6.0% ABV

This is a super-party 6% abv Pale Ale tastes like a tasty guitar lick and really knows how to rock your taste buds! Party on my Dudes!

Vibrissa Sundial

Witbier | 5.0% ABV

Light, golden in color and hazy with a satisfying aroma of freshly peeled oranges and coriander makes this Belgian-style wheat beer a perfect summer crusher. Bright and citrusy with a soft, creamy mouthfeel and a gentle carbonation creates a harmonious balance with the zesty spice notes.

The Bruery Mischief

Belgian Strong Golden Ale | 8.5% ABV | 35 IBU

Mischief is a hoppy Belgian-style golden strong ale. This wickedly good golden ale is fiendishly dry-hopped with American hops to add a layer of complexity and mystery to its fruity, dry Belgian-style character. Citrus and resin diabolically combine with ripe melon, pear and slight peppery spice in a precariously effervescent mixture. Enjoy it, but you’ll want to keep an eye out.

Ommegang x Brasserie d'Achouffe Gnommegang

Belgian Strong Ale | 9.5% ABV | 26 IBU

A little magic and a lot of mischief. This time the gnomes brought more than just yeast from their Belgian farmstead Brasserie d'Achouffe! While Coop and the gnomes were spicing things up at the brewery, Ommegang brewers were carefully fermenting signature, fruity, spicy Chouffe yeast to create the flavorful unique blonde ale we all love! You’ll enjoy the smooth drinkability, fruity aromas and flavors, and warming finish.

Fat Orange Cat You Had Me At Meow

Fruited Sour | 5.7% ABV

This is a uber fruited sour series from Fat Orange Cat and this latest version is made with Mandarin and Curuba to give it a wallop of citrusy and tropical fruit flavors!

Bingo Beer Black Lager

Schwarzbier | 5.0% ABV

Intriguingly smooth, dry notes with cold-brewed coffee and dark chocolate with a mysterious yet refreshing depth. Medium bodied, highly drinkable and particularly satisfying after a hard day in Gotham.

Great Divide Laws Barrel Aged Yeti

Imperial Stout | 12.5% ABV

This unique version of Great Divide's monstrous Yeti Imperial Stout is aged for at least 12 months in whiskey barrels from their friends and Denver neighbors at Laws Whiskey House. The aging process produces a hugely complex but mellowed Yeti, with its signature roasted notes, hints of vanilla and oak, and spirit-influenced finish. Who says you can’t tame a beast?

Dogfish Head World Wide Stout

Imperial Stout | 15.5% ABV | 70 IBU

Here's a throwback for you!

Brewed with a ridiculous amount of barley, World Wide Stout is dark, roasty and complex. This Ageable Ale clocks in at 15-20% ABV and has a depth more in line with a fine port than with a can of cheap, mass-marketed beer.

World Wide debuted in the winter of 1999, and the staying power of this brew is undeniable. Like Fort and 120 Minute IPA, World Wide Stout only gets better with age. After some time in your beer cellar, the heat of the booze fades into the background and the port notes and roastiness take over. World Wide goes great with (or as!) dessert. Share one with someone you love.


Growler Fills & Draft Updates!

Here's what's currently on tap:

Drekker Fangs Out Hazy IPA 6.7%

Väsen Dark Mexican Lager 5.0%

BarrieHaus Bublina Czech Pilnser 5.0%


M2M Happy Hour Specials!

Thursdays through Saturdays from 5 PM to close

$9.00 Fangs Out Drafts

$ 7.00 Dark Mexican Lager Drafts

$7.00 Bublina Drafts


Free Tastings at Market!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Market 2 Market will be closed for the Holiday

Upcoming Tastings

11/30/23 Winchester Ciderworks

12/7/23 Juicy Brewing Company

12/14/23 Hoppy Holidays with Nat


Thank You For Your Support! As Always, Enjoy Your Beer!

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