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Your Weekly Beer Bulletin: September 8th, 2023

Hello folks! Shorter list this week after last week's big drop, but its good stuff!

Also, be sure to come check out our

At St. Elmo's Coffee Pub

Friday, September 15th, 7-9PM

Now onto this week's beer:

SingleCut With Monster Truck Force

West Coast IPA | 7.2% ABV

Prepare to go the distance, because you’re about to be assailed with West Coast fury! This time SingleCut is taking their inspiration from their brewing friends on the left coast: a clear, dry, and brash ale dry-hopped in SingleCut style. A melange of handpicked hoppy favorites, including some select Strata they’re enamored with, packs this truck with juicy aroma of dried mango, resinous citrus peel, fresh strawberries, Dank berry, fruit soda, and a linger of pineapple fruit leather. We’re going for speed.

SingleCut Inexplicably Used Umlaut

Märzen | 6.0% ABV | 26 IBU

THIS FALL CLASSIC gets SingleCut's full effort with true lagering – cold conditioned for three months as per German tradition in their horizontal lagering tanks, resulting in an evolved and beautifully elegant fusion of toffee malt, clean finish and flawless hop balance.

SingleCut Eric More Cowbell!

Milk Stout | 6.0% ABV | 28 IBU

I'VE GOT A FEVER – And there is only one cure: a lusciously creamy, slightly sweet Chocolate Milk Stout that sits atop a roast malt base and huge cocoa infusion that will rock all night long.

DSSOLVR Nuthing Matters

Double NEIPA | 8.2% ABV

“Nuthing Matters” is DSSOLVR's newest entry into the Southern Hemisphere DIPA game, and it’s a bit of a ripper, if they say so themselves. And they do.

Mashed with a base of River bendMalt Pilsner and a medley of proximity malt Wheat and Flaked Wheat, hit very aggressively with Pacific Sunrise hops in the Whirlpool, fermented with their House IPA yeast, and spunded for 100% natural carbonation. Dry hopped initially with a couple gobs of Ella, and then dry hopped a second time with a dizzying bevy of Pacific Sunrise, Galaxy, and Nelson Sauvin CGX pellets.

This one is absolutely kickin’ with some flavor notes similar to those Lil’ Cuties Clementines, biting right into a super soft Pear, Mango Hi-Chew candy, and Gary says this new DIPA kinda tastes like Cantaloupe, but now with a fun “White Wine meets the Devil’s Lettuce” thing going on. So there’s that! Thanks for that, Gary!


New IPA | 7.0% ABV

Oh…no... Like… Oh, geez. Is that, like, totally a huge monster? NOPE! IT’S A MOTHERF***IN DDH IPA AND IT’S COMING FOR YOUUUUUU!!!!

“Above” is a new DDH IPA, and yes, it is hazy and juicy and hoppy and awesome. Mashed with Riverbend 2-Row and Proximity Wheat, along with some Oats for good measure. Hit in the Whirlpool with Meridian and El Dorado. Fermented with DSSOLVR's House IPA yeast, dry-hopped once with more Meridian and El Dorado, and spunded (as always) for dat soft natty carb. Then dry-hopped a second time with EVEN MORE Meridian and El Dorado, and a dusting of Strata and El Dorado Cryo for good measure.

They experience soft White Peaches, Bosch Pears in that little cup with the juice, White Gummy Bears slathered in Mango jelly, a faint dankness that’s similar to when somebody on the bus is def holding and you can’t quite tell who it is, and maybe a hint of, like...a big ol’ scary juice monster comin’ at you from above.

Proclamation Derivative: Vic Secret

New England IPA | 6.0% ABV

Proclamation's Derivative series focuses on one hop at a time. This time it's Vic Secret! Formerly called a Pale Ale but was always an IPA at heart. Notes of orange, pink grapefruit, spruce, earth.

Center of the Universe Oktoberfest

Märzen | 7.2% ABV | 21 IBU

Center of the Universe’s Oktoberfest is their take on the classic Munich fest biers. German Munich and Vienna malts are used to give the beer a slightly sweet and malty flavor with some toasted notes as well. Noble German hops were added during the boil, adding just enough bitterness to balance with the flavors of the malt. They then chose a Czech yeast strain that accentuated the malt and fermented nice and clean. After fermentation COTU Oktoberfest went through an extended cold conditioning period known as lagering. After lagering, the beer was filtered, removing any yeast that had not yet dropped out naturally.

COTU Oktoberfest is malty, clean and refreshing. Golden to amber in color, they think our Oktoberfest would be right at home in the festival tents of Munich. Or Virginia. Prost!

Zero Gravity Pisolino

Italian Pilsner | 5.5% ABV

This Italian Pilsner gets it soft and aromatic malt quality from a terroir Pilsner malt ground near the Adriatic Sea. The beautiful honey malt character is balanced by a perfectly dry and slightly cooling finish. Italian for “afternoon snooze” Pisolino is just what you need to sail through the day.

Lone Pine Cranberry Limeade Sparkler

Fruited Sour | 4.8% ABV

This variant of Lone Pine's Sparkler series comes packed with a slightly sweet taste with mild sourness, and an aroma of lime and cranberry.

Lost Boy Explorer Series: Thunderbolt

Hard Cider | 6.9% ABV

Lost Boy partnered up with local roasters Swings Coffee to bring you their September Explorer Series, Thunderbolt! Swing’s cold brew coffee is added to Lost Boy's base cider, and then cider is finished as usual. Roasty and rich with notes of cocoa, a perfect transitional cider!

This cider does contain caffeine


Growler Fills & Draft Updates!

Here's what's currently on tap:

Precarious Project Brew Book IPA 6.5%

Hardywood Bourbon Cru Quadrupel 12%

Caboose Das Gute German Pilsner 5.1%

Bingo Beer Buddy NEIPA 6.5%


M2M Happy Hour Specials!

Thursdays through Saturdays from 5 PM to close

$9.00 Brew Book Drafts

$ 8.00 Bourbon Cru Drafts

$7.00 Das Gute Drafts

$7.00 Buddy Drafts


Free Tastings at Market!

Our free tasting series continues next Thursday with:

Sycamore Brewery

Thursday, September 14th, 2023

6:00-8:00 PM

Upcoming Tastings

9/21/23 Allagash Brewing Company

9/28/23 Calvert Brewing Company

10/5/23 Alewerks Brewing Company


Thank You For Your Support! As Always, Enjoy Your Beer!

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